Nanobubbles for Shrimp Farming 


Nanobubbles—Superior Aeration for Enhanced Yields The health and metabolic rates of shrimp can be severely affected by the concentration of oxygen in a rearing environment.   Suppressed dissolved oxygen levels leads to decreased respiration and feeding activity that slows down growth rates.   It can also lead to disease and fungal infections that can wipe out significant percentages of stock.   If correctly applied, oxygen supplementation ensures that shrimp farmers can achieve the highest possible survival rates under optimum breeding conditions to boost yields and profits. 

 Improved Blood Flow 

 Increased Growth Hormone Secretion 

 Increased Neurotransmitter Secretion 

 Reduced Stress Levels APPLICATIONS 

 Shrimp Raceways 

 Crawfish Farming 

 Hatcheries 

 Shrimp Ponds 

BENEFITS  20x Higher Oxygen Transfer/Foot of Water  Reduced Treatment Time  Increased Yields ‐Greater Profit  No Off‐Gassing  Healthier Organisms – Higher Growth Rates Reduced Sludge Volumes  Reduced Odors  Aerate at any Depth FEATURES  Superior Oxygen Transfer Efficiency  No Moving Parts  Passes Solids up to 12 mm  Self‐Cleaning  Flexible Air Input  Adjustable Air‐to‐Water Ratios  Models from 25 to 600 gpm  Low Energy Usage  Pre‐Packaged & Easy to Install  Quiet Operation 

TECHNOLOGY The Patent‐Pending nanobubble generator is an essential compliment to any aquaculture operation.  The nanobubble generatorsystems produce trillions of nanobubblesin the 70‐200 nm range, delivering more than 200‐timesthe interfacial surface area compared to microbubbles.   

Oxygen is transferred into the water with up to 99% efficiency, providing maximum utilization potential via a battery reserve of nanobubbles suspended in the water.    

This low turbulent, nanobubble diffusion creates a higher and more stable saturation level of oxygen that mitigates the risk of sudden DO drops during the night. Nanobubbles have unique characteristics; Due to their minute size and high internal pressure, they can remain stable in water for prolonged periods of time.  Unlike a microbubble that rises and bursts on the surface very quickly, nanobubbles have minimal buoyancy and can disperse through a body of water due to the principals of Brownian motion.  They can also be injected at any level and provide oxygenation at all depths.