Nano bubbles for Hydroponics


—For Enhanced Growth and Yields Oxygen provides vital energy for plants to turn their sugars into cell structure and is an essential macro element required for healthy growth. Maximizing the oxygen saturation in water enables plants to absorb more oxygen via the roots, especially at nighttime when the need is maximum. Oxygen Nano bubbles-enriched water provides a number of key benefits for plants:

• Nano bubbles improves the structure of the roots, which in turn allows for better nutrient uptake and transpiration.

• Increased oxygen in the root zone activates/increases beneficial bacteria that suppress pathogens and enhance the conversion of ammonia to nitrate.

• Oxygen Nano bubble-enriched water prevents root asphyxiation due to lack of oxygen in the media or substrate.


• 30x Higher Oxygen Transfer/Foot of Water

• Super Saturation Oxygen Enrichment

• Stable Dissolve Oxygen Levels

• Warm Water Growth Enhancement

• Improved Root Development

• Reduced Fungal Infections

• Increased Plant Vigor & Growth

• Reduced Tip Burn

• Superior Nitrification

• Increased Yields & Profits FEATURES

• Superior Oxygen Transfer Efficiency

• No Moving Parts

• Passes Solids up to 12 mm

• Self-Cleaning

• Flexible Air Input

• Adjustable Air-to-Water Ratios

• Models from 25 to 600 gpm

• Low Energy Usage

• Pre-Packaged & Easy to Install

• Quiet Operation TECHNOLOGY

The Patent-Pending Nano bubble generator is an essential compliment to any hydroponics operation. The Nano bubble generator systems produce trillions of Nano bubbles in the 70-200 nm range, delivering more than 200-times the interfacial surface area compared to micro bubbles. Oxygen is transferred into the water with up to 99% efficiency, providing maximum utilization potential via a battery reserve of Nano bubbles suspended in the water. This low turbulent, Nano bubble diffusion creates a higher and more stable saturation level of oxygen that mitigates the risk of sudden DO drops during the night. Nano bubbles have unique characteristics; Due to their minute size and high internal pressure, they can remain stable in water for prolonged periods of time. Unlike a micro bubble that rises and bursts on the surface very quickly, Nano bubbles have minimal buoyancy and can disperse through a body of water due to the principals of Brownian motion. They can also be injected at any level and provide oxygenation at all depths.