Product Name: Commercial Industrial Protein skimmer

Commercial Industrial Protein skimmer

Protein skimmer fish pond

Protein skimmer for fish farming

Product description: Commercial Industrial Protein skimmer

Product details

Protein skimmer is the most commonly used by aquarium and aquaculture professionals to describe the removal of suspended and dissolved waste from fish tanks by means of air floatation, which is a relatively simple process which relies on the physical and chemical properties of coagulation.
Protein skimmer enhances the oxygenation of a system both biologically and physically. Biological oxygen demand is reduced by the direct removal of biodegradable organic carbon (protein), as well as bacteria in the water column. Physically, the increased surface area provided by the injection of large volumes of air (in the form of small bubbles) into a column of water creates a condition for gas exchange. The addition of a small dose of ozone to the process, with its coagulative and disinfectant properties, makes skimming possibly the best component one could add to a modern life support system for Aquaculture.

Fishery Fish Farm Equipment Protein Skimmer Aquaculture System

Protein Skimmer used or installed for indoor fish farm

Fishery Fish Farm Equipment Protein Skimmer Aquaculture SystemFishery Fish Farm Equipment Protein Skimmer Aquaculture System

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